Innovation is a crucial driving force for economic growth, relevant to every economic sector. Europe needs to improve its performance in innovation to sustain a high and rising standard of living. Clusters provide conditions conducive to innovation and can leverage this potential and increase their excellence if they create linkages with other clusters exploiting complementarities.

Creating and enhancing framework conditions for the effective cross-regional and cross-border cooperation of clusters in Central Europe requires joint actions by the policy makers. In many cases, the regulatory level is the major bottleneck for successful cluster cooperation.

Recognizing this fact the 10 partners (national authorities and intermediary bodies responsible for cluster policies) of the ClusterCOOP project (Central Europe Programme) have set the aim to help clusters better exploit their innovation capacities and improve their competitiveness by enhancing  the framework conditions for efficient transnational cluster cooperation between their countries and regions. Partners will work together to

  • Enhance existing and create new synergies among national/regional cluster policies and funding frameworks
  • Facilitate emerging industry development through cross regional cluster cooperation and
  • Promote the flow of information between, and provide a common knowledge base for clusters of CE to facilitate their networking and cooperation.

ClusterCOOP partnership

Ministry for National Development and Economy (HU) - Lead Partner

Hungarian Pole Programme Office (HU)

Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic (CZ)

CzechInvest, the Investment and Business Development Agency (CZ)

Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic (SK)

Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency (SK)

VDI/VDE Innovation + Technology GmbH (DE)

Piemonte Region (IT)

University of Ljubjana (SI)

The City Office of Rzeszów (PL)

Project data

Project budget: 2,153,000 EUR

Project implementation: Apri 2011- April 2014

Project website: