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We are here to assist you in accessing EU funds for your project. Our service range is wide spanning the entire project cycle from its initial development to its implementation and evaluation.

It is a true challenge to find the way among all available EU funds. There are several new appearing every year. Choosing the right one, especially for complex projects eligible for several funds can be a demanding, high-engineering exercise. There are rules on state aid to be considered, programme manuals restricting combinations of EU funds to be considered and eligibility rules to be checked. Moreover, the various funds have different objectives, time spans provide different degrees of funding (ranging from 50-100%).

The EU is becoming increasingly strict in choosing winning projects and there are many conditions to be checked off to deliver a successful project, attention needs to be paid to whether the project is really bringing added value to partners and the target audience, builds on existing and past projects, is sustainable after project expiry and links on to EU policy priorities.

Grants Europe is a member of the European Affairs Alliance (EAA). This Alliance also comprises HitesyBartuczHollai Euroconsulting and EU-Liaison. Through this group of companies we provide clients with a wide range of top quality services related to European affairs and EU funding programmes. Members of the alliance have a long background in the various fields of European affairs and in providing access to EU funding programmes, with each of them bringing complementary credentials and references. Our strategic cooperation  allows us to provide a unique variety of services at competitive prices. We provide access to project partners and door-openers all over the EU, with specific emphasis on Central, South East and North West Europe.


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